Be the Best You – Aquarius

Hi Aquarius my friend, it has taken me some time to figure you out. You are like a paradox. You are independent, highly individualistic and yet, it is essential for you to be part of a group or groups in society. The groups can be all kinds: altruistic groups like homeless charities or simply the multi-national company that you work in. The key is for you to be a member of group(s). It is by being a group member that you figure out who you are i.e. the real you. Once you have done that, it is very likely that you become a dominant member of the group who steers it towards your vision of it.

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Your Special Friend – Aquarius

  I believe every relationship has the potential to work. There are some relationships which just flows and don’t seem to need too much work while there are others where you sweat, fight and invest your soul and energy to make it work. I have seen the latter case where the couples get married. And … Read moreYour Special Friend – Aquarius

Horoscope 2017 – General Outlook for Aquarius

Horoscope for Aquarius Dear Aquarius,   Growth Through Expansion of Your Mind   This is a great time to expand your horizons. How you ask? Many ways! Through travelling, interaction with people of a different culture/background from yours, exploring new philosophies or ideas, watching National Geographic on the telly and finally, plain old studying. Working … Read moreHoroscope 2017 – General Outlook for Aquarius

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