Whole Sign Houses and Sun Sign Astrology

I was studying whole sign houses again recently. Someone suggested to track the transits of planets especially outer ones into a house to observe the effectiveness of the whole sign house system. It got me thinking – isn’t that essentially looking at Sun sign columns based on your Ascendant sign? For some time, I have … Read moreWhole Sign Houses and Sun Sign Astrology

Astro Vocabulary

Pluto Another increase in my astrological vocabulary for Pluto – a profound experience, “transformative” instead of simply “transformation”. Saturn Commitment, committed to xyz, demands, demanding. Instead of “focused”, try “Concerned with” Intense (hmmm, I have always associated Pluto with intensity. But I suppose with Saturn’s laser focus on things, it could certainly be described as … Read moreAstro Vocabulary

Saturn Transiting in Sun Sign

I did an informal study, to use the term extremely loosely, recently. The study was to determine whether people go through a tough time when Saturn is transiting their Sun sign.Respondents were sent an online message – see Table 1 below. There were 257 respondents which is a nice number although I’m not entirely certain … Read moreSaturn Transiting in Sun Sign