2019 Horoscopes

Some of you may be thinking of what 2019 brings to you. As you know, an astrology reading considers numerous other factors and above all, considers you which ultimately affects how you experience life and the planetary energies and what happens. That’s why most online horoscopes don’t really resonate with you, including the one that I have written below.

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Whole Sign Houses and Sun Sign Astrology

I was studying whole sign houses again recently. Someone suggested to track the transits of planets especially outer ones into a house to observe the effectiveness of the whole sign house system. It got me thinking – isn’t that essentially looking at Sun sign columns based on your Ascendant sign? For some time, I have … Read moreWhole Sign Houses and Sun Sign Astrology

Astro Vocabulary

Pluto Another increase in my astrological vocabulary for Pluto – a profound experience, “transformative” instead of simply “transformation”. Saturn Commitment, committed to xyz, demands, demanding. Instead of “focused”, try “Concerned with” Intense (hmmm, I have always associated Pluto with intensity. But I suppose with Saturn’s laser focus on things, it could certainly be described as … Read moreAstro Vocabulary

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