Venus Conjunct Lunar Return 7th Transit

I’m looking at the lunar return. Venus is in the 6th and rules the 6th and intercepted 12th. When transiting Venus conjuncts the Descendant at 3.44pm, I can’t recall what happened during this time. Which makes sense I suppose as the Descendant involves the other person. Hmmm, could it be: a staff/employee having a different … Read moreVenus Conjunct Lunar Return 7th Transit

Sun/Moon Midpoint

COSI states the following for this midpoint’s psychological correspondence: + A harmonious character, inner balance – Inner discontent, an unbalanced nature, the struggle between duty and interests or hobbies I wonder whether a natal ‘hard’ aspect between the Sun and the Moon are more likely to ‘result’ in the negative psychological correspondence? I’m just thinking, … Read moreSun/Moon Midpoint