What’s in the Stars For You in 2018? – Part 1

Understand the general opportunities available to you in 2018!Check whether there’s a X or XX for your age or near your age in 2018 in the table below. Look at the column header to identity the type of opportunities that’s available to you. “XX” tends to describe a more concentrated opportunity than “X”. Scroll down … Read moreWhat’s in the Stars For You in 2018? – Part 1

Uranus Opposite Uranus

Uranus represents freedom, radical changes, speed, distance, etc. But what does it represent within a person? It’s an outer or generational planet that speaks of and describes the masses, so what’s its place in an individual? I suppose if Uranus isn’t connected to a personal planet, an individual wouldn’t be too accustomed to its energy. … Read moreUranus Opposite Uranus

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