How to Find Your Career

According to William Lilly, in conclusion, your career can be determined from: Nature and property of the career significator – Mercury, Venus or Mars Sign of the career significator Configurations which the career significator(s) has with other planets Easier said than done! I seriously doubt whether I can apply Lilly’s method to determining the careers … Read moreHow to Find Your Career

Which Career will it be?

According to William Lilly, the nature of the sign of the career significator conduce to the judgement of careers. If the career significator is in: Moveable signs i.e. cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) – careers that require a witty capacity, contemplation involving the intellect e.g. geometry, physics, astrology Fixed signs also require learning or … Read moreWhich Career will it be?

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