Crystals for Finding a Job

My personal view of crystals is that even if they don’t “work”, they can act as a placebo and have a placebo effect. Most crystals, especially the tumbled stone variety are not that expensive. What’s the worst that could happen by having a stone in your pocket, handbag or personal accessory? (more…)

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Thoughts of Poor Psychics

My personal thoughts may offend. Don't proceed further if my crass thoughts triggers your sensitivity. I have often thought that if psychics can predict the future, why can't they predict…

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2nd House Cusp in Virgo

Lets say a person, Robbie, hasn’t been working for some time and would like improve his financial situation. He has been relying on his partner’s resources and his parent’s monies, as his 2nd house ruler is in the 8th. How would you advise him?  (more…)

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Which Health Insurance to Switch to?

The private health insurance landscape in Ireland is mental. There are over 325 plans available. It can be very tough and downright confusing to figure out which one best meets your objectives. Paddy visited me recently, expressing his dismay at the increase in his 2018 health insurance premium of €150 by his current health insurer, Irish Life. He’s keen to switch to another plan that provides coverage in semi-private room in a private hospital. He had two plans in mind – Laya Healthcare Precision 600 and Precision 450, the former being his preference. (more…)

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