August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse

Yesterday was an emotionally challenging day for me. I was like there’s nothing astrologically affecting me. Hmmm, it turns out that the solar eclipse contacted my Moon, planet of feelings, emotions, etc.I didn’t consider that previously due to a technical point – orbs for those in the know. (more…)

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7th House

I was looking at a consultation chart and Chiron conjuncts the 7th tightly. I suggested that to the client that there might some abandonment, feelings of woundedness relating to a past relationship. She asked whether it has to be a romantic relationship. I said not necessarily but it’s a significant relationship. She nodded her head and mumbled about grief. (more…)

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Mercury in Aquarius

I was somewhat surprised when a client with Mercury in Aquarius stayed mostly quiet throughout an astrology consultation. Actually, I would say that her communication is somewhat unpredictable. Hmmm. Mercury…

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Progressed Sun Changing Signs

Before yesterday, with the exception of one client, all clients who went through a change in sign of their progressed Sun experienced rather uncomfortable events and/or feelings during and after the lead up to the change of sign. The one client who had supposedly a “great” time was in his 50s where he begun to pursue his lifelong passion for art. In a way, I supposed he left his legal profession and there was a sort of ending for him as well. But, he’s the happiest client that I can remember who had a “positive” change in sign of his progressed Sun. (more…)

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Venus in Virgo

Here are some interpretations of Venus in Virgo besides the usual stuff on love styles: working hard on beauty. Perfection in beauty. Functional beauty. A healthy appeal. A love for…

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