Saturn Transits Through Houses

Using whole sign houses, when transiting Saturn is in Capricorn, it was in my 8th house. Here's what 'happened' during this time: my partner is a chef and the restaurant…

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Solar Return 2020

Key features lots of fire - Leo ASC, Aries MC, Mars in Aries. Lots of independent action, drive, initiative especially when it comes to one's future, career, and education/training/new experiences…

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Solar Return 2019 Grid

Dynamic aspects n.ME(rules n.ASC and n.4th) square SR CH(12) - driven to act when it comes to healing the body, especially healing modalities with a spiritual dimension. Home plans are…

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Solar Return 2019

Key features high emphasis on earth and fire as compared to natal - focus on ambition, leadership at work (10th), approaching this year (ASC), confidence, creativity at home and in…

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Virgo health occupationsoccupations involving analysis, detail, efficiency, organisation or technical expertise e.g. occupations which is of service to others

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