Sun Conjunct Mars

Can be an active and fit person. When the person stops all physical activity, his/her vitality is consequently affected. There might be a sense of a lack of life purpose…

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8th House

Note to self - putting the dreary meanings of the 8th house aside, it also represents your partner’s resources, not just money. Think possessions, physical objects that you own. For…

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Third House

I have learnt so much from Deborah's Houlding's The Houses: Temples of the Sky. Here's some of what I learnt: The 3rd house is known as the house of Dea…

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2019 Horoscopes

Some of you may be thinking of what 2019 brings to you. As you know, an astrology reading considers numerous other factors and above all, considers you which ultimately affects how you experience life and the planetary energies and what happens. That’s why most online horoscopes don’t really resonate with you, including the one that I have written below. (more…)

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Hamish loved being around them (the human beings) and found their faults stimulating rather than aggravating. A discovery of witches

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