Solar Return 2020

Key features lots of fire - Leo ASC, Aries MC, Mars in Aries. Lots of independent action, drive, initiative especially when it comes to one's future, career, and education/training/new experiences…

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Solar Return 2019 Grid

Dynamic aspects n.ME(rules n.ASC and n.4th) square SR CH(12) - driven to act when it comes to healing the body, especially healing modalities with a spiritual dimension. Home plans are…

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Solar Return 2019

Key features high emphasis on earth and fire as compared to natal - focus on ambition, leadership at work (10th), approaching this year (ASC), confidence, creativity at home and in…

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What Should I Know About My Health?

I dislike asking questions about health using divination as it's such a sensitive topic. What if I see death or something like that? Nevertheless, I see a couple of tough…

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To Go or Not to Go?

A friend invited me to go to his outdoor birthday party. Should I go or not in view of COVID-19? Outcome of going: Angel tarot card: 8 Justice; RW: XVI…

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Virgo health occupationsoccupations involving analysis, detail, efficiency, organisation or technical expertise e.g. occupations which is of service to others

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Chiron – Mars Transit (Square)

Transiting Chiron squared my natal Mars in April and September 2018 and February 2019. Feeling hurt and wounded when it comes to getting what you want. Feeling of abandonment not…

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Jupiter – Venus Transit (Square)

Transiting Jupiter squared natal Venus in February, twice in March and October 2018. An expansion in relationships. Growth in my resources - emotional, spiritual or financial. Desiring new experiences and…

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