Inception Charts Really Work

Scott went for an interview and didn’t get the job. Points to note about the chart:

  • Saturn is angular on MC. This never works out well. The interview is very bad for his reputation and career.
  • ASC is very late with its 29 degree. It’s late for anything to happen. The decision has been made.
  • Moon is very late as well which is void of course. If we use the VOC definition as the Moon not making an aspect within its orb, the next aspect the Moon makes is a square to Mars with reception from the Mars. As Mars rules the 6th house, task oriented work likes the querent. However, the querent doesn’t like the work as there’s no reception. Furthermore, the work is done in the background, hidden and unknown by others (Mars in 12th).
  • the ASC ruler is weak as it’s in retrograde. Mercury in retrograde also doesn’t bode well for an interview.

On hindsight, perhaps the outcome would have been different if the interview started at a different time. But who knows? Fate is at work.

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