Which Music Examining Board – ABRSM, LCM or TCL?

I have been meaning to ask the tarot cards which is the music examining board that I should go with, for the music school and for my own professional development. Here’s the verdict:

For the music school

  • LCM jazz piano syllabus: Knight of Pentacles. I already like the syllabus. This card helped me to make up my mind that I’m go with LCM.
  • ABRSM jazz piano syllabus: 10 of Wands. I wasn’t surprised to see this as I do think it will be a lot of work for me to get students to pass the ABRSM jazz piano exams
  • TCL Rock and pop keyboard syllabus: 2 of Swords
  • Other option: 2 of Pentacles

For my own professional development

  • LCM jazz piano syllabus: Death. I wasn’t entirely pleased to see the Death card. However, I’m going through a transformation in my career and future path. So, I think LCM is part of the picture.
  • ABRSM jazz piano syllabus: Page of Cups
  • TCL Rock and pop keyboard syllabus: 10 of Wands
  • Other option: 4 of Pentacles

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