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Make a Wish

I was sitting down on the WC in the bathroom this morning, picked up a book on the shelf (yes, I leave random books lying in the bathroom), flipped to a page and that page was on wishes.

I tried to remember when was the last time I made a wish. It was … ages ago? I think as part of (my) adulthood is the concept of wishful thinking. I stopped believing in wishes – they are after all wishes. To wish for something I suppose is to wait for things to happen. Or perhaps more accurately is to allow things to happen. It’s a bit too wishy washy for my liking. Unlike a goal which is something concrete to work towards and I make things happen through my own efforts. I don’t have to wait for things to happen.

Anyhow, there’s the concept of 12 houses in astrology. Each house represents a different aspect of our lives. The 11th house in particular symbolises our wishes amongst other things. Some people believe/postulate that when the Sun is ‘moving’ into our 11th house (you have to ask someone with a basic knowledge of transits to explain this to you) which only happens once a year for roughly a month, it is a most opportune time to make wishes.

Well, no venture no gain. I wrote down my wishes on a premium letter paper, placed it in an envelope and sealed it. I will be reporting my progress with my wishes. Or is that wishful thinking? 🙂

On a different and final note, maybe we can take the best of both worlds – to work towards a goal and to allow that goal to happen, a “woal” – a word that I just made up. This is not unlike the yin and yang concept. A goal is something that’s actively worked on. However, something can be unconsciously worked on too (wish). Maybe it’s just different approaches. An active vs an receptive approach.

Happy wishing!

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