Why I stopped giving astrology readings
I don't like greasy food anymore

I Don’t Like Greasy Food Anymore

My partner and I went to the local chipper yesterday as we had a gift voucher. I ordered a veggie burger, onion rings (which are my go-to) and totally on the spur of the moment, cheesy fries as I have never had them before and wondered how they taste.

Fast forward – back home. I was tucking in the fries. Had a few and nah, didn’t like them. Had one of the three jumbo onion rings. Nah, didn’t like them too. In fact, I felt a bit sick after eating them. Not because of food poisoning or anything like that, but rather I hadn’t had greasy food for a long time and getting back into them makes my body unwell.

The above episode reminds me of how I feel about doing one-to-one readings with others. I stopped that a long time ago. However, there was this client who repeatedly ask for a reading if I changed my mind, etc. I gave in to her and arranged for a day. As the time draws nearer, I feel increasingly anxious and tense – in essence, unwell. That’s when I knew that I no longer enjoy or tolerate doing one to one astrological readings with others. Actually, that’s how I felt over the years although I tolerated giving the random one or two readings until that day when I just had to cancel the session. It didn’t end well as the ex-client probably thought that how could astrology make me unwell and that it was her who made me unwell. I clarified things with her but I suspect that didn’t help much.

Of course, astrology or doing one to one readings with others can make me unwell, just like eating greasy food made me so. Not saying that astrology readings are unhealthy. Just drawing a parallel that’s all.

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