Colleague’s Dad Died

I think it was in August 2020. I was having a wee chat with my colleague when she asked me to tell her anything about her using astrology.

She was born in the same year, same day but she’s one month younger than me. I know I’m having a Pluto opposition Sun transit from 2021 to 2022. That would mean that she is going through a Pluto quincunx Sun transit around the same period as me. I checked the ephemeris for the degree of her Sun and located the dates when the transit would be exact for her.

In November 2020, we had another chat. Her dad had a stroke and was hospitalised in October 2020. She said I mentioned something about October to her. I said I couldn’t remember what I told her.

I learnt that her dad passed away on New Year’s Eve.

I was walking the dog and was reflecting on the above. Pluto can symbolise death and the Sun can symbolise the masculine figures in our lives. A quincunx aspect is sometimes described as releasing, leading to a new situation. It can’t be so uncanny that a Pluto quincunx Sun transit means death of her dad although it is possible if we looked into the house rulerships and the house location of the natal and transiting planets. Nevertheless, astrology can be so archetypal!

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