Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde happens quite a few times a year. For most of us, it should be business as usual unless the degree of the station is near one of your sensitive planets or angles. For example, Mercury was station retrograde on 27 September 2021, Monday at 25 degrees 28.2 minutes in Libra. Two days before on 25 September, Saturday, I nearly knocked over a cyclist and I couldn’t find parking for more than 15 minutes in my local village – this is very unusual and definitely a first. I think it was the next day or the day after where I again nearly knocked over another cyclist. I’m not a reckless driver. For a man, I tend to drive rather slowly and perhaps too carefully.

After the above episodes in the village on Saturday, I hid at home and walked to all places as I think heaven’s message is loud and clear. I didn’t want any fatal accident to happen on my third time lucky.

So, Mercury stationed regrade at 25 degrees 28 minutes in Libra, which squares my natal Sun within a degree in Cancer. Natal Sun rules the 3rd house of transportation and commuting… Unfortunately, Natal Sun is in 2nd house. I simply can’t think of a 2nd house connection to the above events.

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