I was Feeling Frustrated and Annoyed this Week

It’s Saturday night now. I distinctly remembered that I was super frustrated, annoyed and impatient at work mid-week this week. Well, that’s not uncommon especially when there are annoying people triggering such reactions. However, I was self-aware to know that those feelings were generated internally within me.

My initial thought was that transiting Sun, Mars and Mercury are all in the sign of Libra this week and they square my Sun, Mars and Mercury in Cancer, hence leading to the inner tension within me. However, those three transiting planets did not make any exact aspect with my natal planets. They are like maybe more than 10 degrees away.

On a closer look at the ephemeris (yes, I look at the hard copy ephemeris), transiting Mercury (retrograde) conjunct my natal Pluto in 5th mid-week this week! No wonder I felt that I was going through hell and feelings of discomfort. I even texted my sister that this has been a year of being out of my comfort zone mid-week. I was definitely feeling out of sorts.

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