An Anchor Stuck in my Back

I was walking my dog one morning, or was it an evening? I did my ‘white light’ cleansing exercise – basically, it’s to imagine sunlight flooding every bit of me. The light cleanses any negative contracts, energies, contacts within me. Suddenly, I saw an anchor entrenched in my back in my mind’s eye.

I was truly surprised. The first thought that crossed my mind was whether someone at work stabbed me in my back. As if a knife isn’t enough, he/she or they had to use a boat’s anchor to do so instead. That was at least a week ago. Now as I’m typing this, I wondered whether it’s the stress at work that I experienced then. Work was so heavy and depressing. However, I have no doubt that there’s people at work who dislike me.

I ‘removed’ the anchor by invoking the help of Archangel Michael. Note: I’m not into angels but I have been taught to enlist the help of Archangel Michael so I’m sticking to the technique as I have been using it. I certainly felt lighter after Archangel Michael’s assistance to remove the anchor from my back.

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