Prediction Changed Over Time

Some of you may know that there’s a housing crisis in Ireland. There’s a shortage of properties and an excessive demand for them.

Over a period of perhaps 1.5 years, I asked I Ching and the tarot perhaps three times on when should I purchase a property in Ireland. I can’t remember when I did the first reading and the outcome of it, but the second reading was definitely November/December this year (2021). I asked the same question i.e. when to purchase a property in Ireland yesterday. The answer was next year (2022).

That caused me to reflect of the changeability of readings over time. I suppose it makes sense for readings to change over time. The popular or commonly accepted thinking is that a reading at a point in time reflects outcome/the future assuming no changes in our current actions, behaviours, mindset, etc. However, this is almost unrealistic isn’t it. We change daily, our environment changes daily, governmental policies over the housing crisis change periodically. And indeed, there was a supposed change in the Irish housing policies between my second and third reading on when to purchase a property in Ireland.

And I suppose even if there’s no external changes, my finances and my financial objectives/aspirations would change over time as well. All of these factors seem to make the business of predictions rather flaky. Or maybe not, if one takes a serious attitude towards a reading. I tend to only do a reading for myself when there is a strong urge to do so, almost never frivolously.

And I suppose often times, the future outcome of a situation depends on other people, the world, etc which are beyond our sphere of control and influence. For instance, I may make a lot of plans around my life. However, if a natural disaster strikes in the area where I live, of course my future is affected. You might argue that surely the purpose of a reading is to predict the future and that earthquake should have been predicted?

It probably takes PhDs and years of experience to model the probability of the occurrence of an earthquake. And yet, we expect a or a few cards to predict whether something in our life will happen, AND take into account of natural disasters, AND the actions of other people AND everything else? Hey mate, aren’t we expecting too much for a few cards?

Put another way, accountants prepare forecasts of a company’s future financial performance. Those forecasts are always prepared at a point in time, based on past and current information i.e. based on how things are going. A forecast that was prepared in 2019 for the financial performance of 2020 would not have factored in Covid-19. And that is not logical or realistic.

However, when it comes to a reading, people often expect those few cards, symbols to encapsulate the entire future which is subject to infinite variables and changes. To these people, are you delusional?

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