I Feel Lost

I woke up at 5am. After wasting time on scrolling through Facebook posts mindlessly, I thought I could do with some insight. I pressed on the I Ching app on my phone and formulated my feelings – I feel lost. What should I do? (for readers with astrology knowledge, I’m currently going through a Neptune square Neptune transit, Pluto square Sun transit, etc).

The message was:

My present situation: hexagram 35 – it is the moment to show our talent. This will be recognised by the people who decide. You must not tempt fate: spotlights illuminate everything, good or bad. [Interestingly, my solar return Sun is in the 10th house until July 2022. The last time when my solar return Sun was in the 10th house, my weaknesses were made clear to my employer.)

Progression of the situation:

  • moving line 1 – If someone is not valued, he should not try to stand out at all costs. On the contrary, he must keep calm. [this really speaks to me. I do feel unappreciated, that I’m a hidden gem]
  • moving line 3 – the advance finds support. Everything goes fine. [this is comforting]

The outcome/future: hexagram 30 – The eye sees the world, but both of them depend on sunlight. Thus, everything depends on everything else. those who recognise this dependency, understand their place in the cosmos. [this is generally an auspicious hexagram/message to receive]

Mid life transition/crisis can be so frustrating and unsettling!

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