Rush to Buy a Property?

I’m getting married this November. At least in Ireland, you have to do a joint application with your spouse for a mortgage. The mortgage interest rates in Ireland are the highest in the whole of the European Union (EU). And that is for first time buyer mortgages. As my partner owns his own place, as a couple, we cannot avail of first time buyer mortgage but instead the buy to let mortgage which has even higher rates. In other words, in Ireland, first time buyers are ripped off by the highest mortgage interest rate in the EU and buy to let buyers are doubly or triply ripped off.

So, I have started a mortgage application but have encountered numerous obstacles. I wondered whether to push through and devote my life to getting the mortgage and getting a place over the next three months before I get hitched.

I asked I Ching “What is the outcome if I push to buy a new built before I get married?”

The response was hexagram 12, moving lines 4 and 5 and resultant hexagram of 23. The analysis is as follows, with words in parenthesis my thoughts. Essentially, the answer is a clear no. Sigh. This is a painful reading. A response that I prefer not to hear. Interestingly, I did a one card tarot reading on the same question above. 8 of Wands showed up which I have always associated with positive connotations. A website introduces the idea of haste with 8 of Wands, which certainly describes my situation. But I trust and put my faith in I Ching. No, it shall be.

  • the current situation is “negative”. the evil people (banks) are successful. It does not help a good person to persevere with things (I’m the good person who’s trying to persevere with the mortgage). Great matters go away and small ones come (I’m being myopic).
  • Jou describes the current situation as “you are not strong enough to keep things from collapsing so you stand back and wait the bad times out.” I don’t like the sound of things collapsing.
  • Moving line 4 – The man who follows the commands of the highest sort acts without doing blameworthy things. Other like minded people share this quality with him. Jou describes this line as “The person who nurtured dreams of good things now has to act. he carries out his dreams in un unselfish way and so does not make mistakes. those who are drawn to work with him do the same. (owning my own place and deriving some form of rental income from it is my dream. It seems that the first moving line indicates that I may finally get some help from the bank for my mortgage).
  • Moving line 5 – Stagnation is ending. this is good fortune for the great person. Jou further elaborates “A man who failed in something has a chance to start again. This time he uses all his discernment to find an approach that the times will push to success.” (this describes me. I failed to get a mortgage previously. This is my final chance to try again. With my devotion to getting a mortgage approval, I could be successful this time.)
  • outcome is hexagram 23 – “Not a time to go anywhere”. Jou describes it as “This means the situation is getting worse and worse”, “You end up being laid off your job, lose your sweeheart, and everything else goes wrong. So you live quietly and are content simply to be alive.” (OMG, notice the negativity of this outcome hexagram.)

I went through the Complete I Ching by Huang:

  • The current situation, gua 12, is hindrance. (this describes my experience with applying for a mortgage in the past and currently. I am driven to committing suicide with the documentation that banks request). Huang states that the Chinese character representing the name of this gua can be pronounced in two ways: fou and pi. The former means no (!). The latter has various negative meanings, such as bad, wicked, evil, or mean.
  • the structure of this gua is Heaven above, Earth below. When Heaven moves upward and Earth downward, they are unable to communicate and unite (very true. The banks don’t see my finances the way I do). When Heaven and Earth are moving in opposite directions, in a state of imbalance, it is Pi, Hindrance. Hindrance leads to misfortune.
  • Moving line 4: The dawn is appearing, and the situation is improving. The yang element is willing to do something to overcome the unfavorable situation but still needs the support of other people. (sounds like me. I’m desperately willing to give the banks what they want)
  • Moving line 5: Yet changing a situation from hindrance to advancement is not an easy task and requires a period of time.
  • The outcome/future situation is described by bo, gua 23 which means decaying, corroding, or falling away. The structure of the gua is Mountain above, Earth below. It symbolizes the falling away (landslide) of a mountain. The nature of a mountain is to stand high above the Earth. Here it lies on the ground, having fallen. Obviously the foundation is not solid. Falling away. Unfavourable to have something to go.

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