What an Awful Day! (+ astro analysis)

There was an electrical trip at home. It turns out that the immersion heater broke down. There was a leak.

Adrian called his electrician who was unavailable and referred his pal John to have a look. John was unavailable and asked his business partner Liam to come over. Liam called and didn’t seem to have been told what had happened. I was stressed as my dog kept barking while I was trying to listen to Liam.

I called Liam again and was stressed as he mentioned about a house call surcharge. I’m not sure if I’m stress as it’s my first time dealing with an electrician or his voice or whatever.

I looked at the chart of the today. Moon in Cancer is making an opposition to Pluto in an degree about 2 hours, which on hindsight was the time the electrician arrived. The Moon went void of course after that. Adrian said that he hoped that the electrician can fix the immersion heater on the spot. Based on the chart, it hardly seems so as we have Pluto, and an opposition. Oh man!

Anyhow, Liam finally arrived and uncovered a leak in the immersion tank when he unscrewed the steel (?) cap over the tank. He said we needed a plumber instead.

Plumber. That is Pluto isn’t it?! Which explains the Moon applying to Pluto by opposition. I don’t like the opposition. I also don’t like the next aspect that the Moon applies to next, Saturn by opposition. Saturn in Aquarius receives Moon in Leo in its detriment. Yikes! I hope nothing gets fixed today as it’s going to end up horrendous. Call me superstitious but anything important can wait a day.

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