I Missed the Postman and my New Phone!

I was expecting a delivery by the local postman of my new phone yesterday (Saturday). I knew that because I received a text on Friday that says that I will have a delivery on Saturday. There’s no time frame stated in the text, just a blanket Saturday.

I had an appointment with the barber yesterday from 11.30am to 12pm. I thought, what are the odds of me going out and the postman delivering my phone at the same time? Anyhow, I left for my haircut at 11.15am and received a text at 11.29am that the delivery was unsuccessful. Fuck me!

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. In astrology, there’s the concept of an inception chart i.e. when I first start something, I can cast a chart based on the date, time and place to see how the matter will fare. If I had received my phone yesterday and opened it, my phone would have been born and its fate and destiny foretold.

Yesterday was a horrid day to start anything of importance, including receiving a phone and using it for the first time. It was a bad day as the Moon in Leo was applying to Saturn in Aquarius who received her in his detriment. I imagined that the phone would probably be destroyed or there’s something fundamentally wrong with it.

Maybe it’s fate that I missed the postman by just a few minutes.

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