Remove Negative Energy, Fears (and Even Evil Spirits?)

I had 2 consecutive nights of nightmares where I dreamt that I was pursued by ghosts (I’m sure they are symbolic of my fears). I was praying in my dreams to be rid of them. I decided to google search for mantras/alternative prayers which may help with the dreams and came across “om vajrapana hum”. I listened to the pronunciation first and then practised saying it. I was ready for the third night. The ghosts appeared in my dreams and I repeated the mantra although I had some difficulty remembering the syllabus in my dream but it worked. My dream of ghosts ended. I continued to practise the mantra after and it looks like my dreams are clear of ghosts (for now anyway). Woohoo!

On a psychological note, I subscribe to the concept that dreams are symbolic or representations of our unconscious. Perhaps it’s also time for me to unveil the ghosts in my real life and confront them. Amen.

This was an insightful page on the mantra.

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