Wasted Opportunities

A missed phone call that went unreturned. A person who struck up a conversation with you but you weren’t interested. A job offer which you declined in favour of another internal progression in a company that you dislike. A chance to take on new or more work in your job while admittedly, not being paid for the additional work and sneaking your way out of it. A lover or date who wants to take the relationship to the next step but you are not looking for a commitment.

What’s the common thread among the above – an opportunity presents itself and it’s up to us whether we want it or not. What if we view our world through the lens of opportunities? For example, today is a day of opportunity for me to be happy. Or a day to respond to my colleagues professionally. A day to reach out to my old friend or a new one. A day to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something different. A day to put my loved one(s) ahead of my career. A time to smile. A time to let go. A time to work harder at my passion and switch off Netflix.

Indeed, each moment is practically an opportunity to start, persist, adapt or end something/someone in our life. Are we making full use the opportunities that time and life brings us?

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