Progressed Balsamic Lunar Phase

No, I’m not writing about balsamic vinegar.

I was preparing for a very short reading for a new client and looked at his progressed lunar phase. Oh golly. He just entered into the progressed balsamic lunar phase this January 2021 (or thereabouts as he doesn’t have his time of birth – I used 12pm to cast his chart).

I explained to him that he entered into a period of letting go of people, things, circumstances that aren’t constructive towards the next phase of his life which starts from around March 2024. He said that he left a relationship in December 2020 which coincided with his progressed/solar arc directed Sun semisquare natal Pluto. Of course, the orb of a progression/direction would mean that the actual event could have taken place months before or after Dec 2020. But I was struck by how uncanny the timing of the above.

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