Closer to God After a Shoulder Stand (Yoga)

I’m a yoga noob although I have tried to practice yoga daily since last year. Just last Sunday, I tried the shoulder stand, reputedly dubbed as the queen of asanas (aka poses). I normally downplay myself and my life, which I still do. But for once and during one of these rare occasions, I actually felt proud of myself that I managed to do the shoulder stand on the first go. I tried it again yesterday and today. I’m not sure whether I was light headed from no food and insufficient food. However, after I did my routine (sun salutations, a sequence of asanas) and then the shoulder stand, I felt this transcendental feeling, experience. That all’s well. I was savouring the present, being in the present and all this new age stuff. It lasted a full minute, I think before work and emails beckon to me. That experience was pure. I love it.

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