Should I Buy This Car?

Adrian sold his car yesterday. He’s hunting for an used car. He saw a Renault listed for a great price with low mileage. He went to see it and came back. He asked me if I could see what does “astro” say about this car.

I picked a tarot card first. King of wands. Looks very flashy. There’s something about the black salamanders on the king’s coat that drew my attention. I couldn’t understand it. I picked another card with a clear intention “tell me clearly whether Adrian should buy this car”. 8 of cups. Hmmm, no go it seems although I was aware that I was trying to read the card from another slant, another angle to justify a positive interpretation from the card.

Horary astrology is next. A chart is cast. There’s no connection between the ASC and the 2nd house ruler. I did consider whether to use the 3rd house as a significator but decided against it. What’s interesting is that Moon conjuncts the MC in the same degree. Moon rules the 12th house. This cannot be good. Moon in Taurus applies by a sextile to Mars in Cancer – Mars receives the Moon in its detriment. Hmmm, this cannot be good. Mars rules the 9th and 4th house. 9th house is to do with legislation, law, certification or overseas but law jumps out clearly to me, based on my intuition. 4th house is the end of matter or the local place i.e. Ireland.

I Ching is next. Hexagram 22 Grace is the primary gua with two moving lines to produce Hexagram 23 Falling Apart. I associate hexagram 23 as literally falling apart – the yin lines approach the last and final yang line, thus overcoming it. Grace is interesting as it is about external beauty which suggests that the car Adrian’s keen on is a stunner.

I told him no go. He didn’t like it. I mentioned to him astro said something about the law and I don’t see him buying the car. He said that there’s a vehicle check that shows the history of cars. He looked into it and paid for an online report on that car. It flagged a major issue – that it was either stolen, written off, flooded or something else that I can’t remember. Basically, it has received a certificate (9th) of death (4th).

On reflection,

  1. the sextile in horary astrology showed the ease at which Adrian discovered the condition/history of the car which is very bad (Mars rules 9th and 4th and is in Cancer). The hidden aspect of the cars are out in the open (Moon rules the 12th and conjuncts the MC). The lack of applying aspect between the 1st and 2nd houses/rulers confirmed that he wouldn’t buy the car.
  2. The primary gua Grace Hexagram 22 does describe the current situation – the car is a beauty according to Adrian – it’s big, new, flashy and simply gorgeous. However, the resultant gua Hexagram 23 Falling Apart does describe the inherent quality of the car and the outcome if Adrian had parted his cash with the seller.
  3. I should have listened to my instincts about the black salamanders and tease that out, and not try to ‘twist’ the meaning of a card based on my intuition to suit my needs.

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