No Child Yet

I was looking at the composite chart of a couple that’s been married for 5 years. The wife asked when they will have a kid – I look at the 5th house of the composite chart – cusp in Aquarius and ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in the 3rd and opposed by Chiron in 9th, forming the base of the T-square which is focused on the Moon in the 6th house. What this may mean is: as with anything involving Saturn, there’s delay in having a child or children. As Saturn rules 4th, IC and 5th and is located in the 3rd, there’s restrictions/structure placed in the couple’s thinking relating to home/family/parents and children. The wife told me that the husband believed that they can only try for a child after they have purchased their own home (they are currently living in a rental place). Interestingly, the composite Chiron is in Cancer (although we typically do not consider the signs of the composite planets). The inability (chiron) to have a home and children is causing tension in the relationship which is directed towards everyday living – the moods and feelings of daily living or simplistically, towards work.

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