How’s This Relationship Doing? – Composite Charts

Composite charts are what it says on the tin – it is a composite or combination of more than one, typically two, charts into one chart. I studied composite charts as a technique many moons ago but never really used it as an integral part of my astrologer’s toolkit. For some reason, I was inspired to revisit it after all these years.

Here’s a composite chart made up of my sister’s and mine. Composite charts actually show something that interchart comparison / synastry grid doesn’t – the different areas of life emphasized in a relationship.

For example, in an interchart comparison, Person A’s e.g. Sun in 6th house squares Person’s B Sun in 5th house which could be interpreted as person A’s self-identity which is derived from work, being of service to others conflicts or creates tension with person B’s self-expression via fun, recreation or creativity. Or negatively, person A’s ill health makes it challenging for person B to have children or to make love (if they are a couple).

Or in an interchart comparison, we can overlay Person A’s chart over Person B’s e.g. A’s Saturn is in B’s 2nd house – B may be more structured and disciplined when it comes to her/his spending because of A. And of course, we can delve deeper in A’s Saturn – sign, house, aspects, midpoints, etc to understand what A’s Saturn imposes on B.

But an interchart comparison does not summarise a relationship. It does not provide a snapshot of a relationship like a natal chart does which provides for an immediate, instant reading. Of course, in the hands of a skilled astrologer, s/he can pretty much read anything from two natal charts / interchart comparison.

But I’m exploring composite charts now. Using the composite chart of my sister and I (reproduced below), here’s some observations:

  • Neptune conjunct 7th – this sibling relationship can be quite giving, compassionate and even sacrificial. Or there could be some sort of deception going on…
  • Mars conjunct ASC, Sun and Venus get pulled into Mars and ASC as well. Emphasis on the ASC with a 12th house flavour. Others are likely to see us as energetic, full of action and also loving or cordial. It could be all for show though as it’s ASC, but unlikely as the Sun (the identity and core of the relationship) is tied up in this stellium. My sister and I are a creative duo, capable of actualising stuff. Wait. ASC ruler is in the 12th – others may not really see us i.e. the relationship is likely to be hidden or in the background. This is true as my sister and I live in different continents and when I think about it, I don’t talk to others a lot about her although I’m terribly proud of her!
  • Jupiter in the 1st – there’s expansion and growth in this sibling relationship. We could explore the world together when we take a serious / structured approach towards fun, OR being realistic about who we really are (Jupiter trines Saturn in 5th).
  • Emphasis on the 5th house. Self-expression – being who we truly are may be tricky. There could be something hidden, possibly taboo (i.e. me), somewhat limiting (Saturn ‘offset’ by trine from Jupiter). However, a respect for each other enables each other to be real in each other’s presence. We should definitely nurture being ourselves so that we can enjoy (5th) being in each other’s company
  • Sun quincunx Moon tightly. There doesn’t seem to be a clear connection between the future and the past. What energizes us may differ from feeling safe being ourselves. In other words, some adjustment is needed between what we feel versus what we want. I know this sounds cryptic but it makes perfect sense to me!
Composite chart – combining two charts into a chart

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