Client and Therapist Dynamics

I was preparing for an astrology reading which is focused on the future as requested by the client (duh). I happened to glance at the client’s birth chart to see the synastery i.e. compatibility between the client and I. I focused on the interchart aspects:

  • Sun squares Sun
  • Mars opposes Mars
  • Sun squares Mars twice
  • Saturn opposes Sun (I was the Sun)

Wow. I made a mental note to myself that this is a big time clash and that I should be the receptive and passive person during the session. It was a most uncomfortable session. From the very beginning, the client wasn’t happy and made constant demands on me. After a few minutes, I told the client that unfortunately, the session wasn’t working out as I hope as it seemed that we have a personality clash (pretty obvious from the interchart aspects above). I suggested that the client looked for another astrologer.

Just like counselling relationships between a client and a therapist, how both parties get on has a huge impact on the outcome of a session/reading.

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