Sun Opposite Mars – Synastry

This is a clashing aspect. Both are masculine luminary/planets. Both yang and are at opposite ends, having different perspectives. Sure, they have something common between them – their modality and complementary signs but it’s a fine and tricky act to balance both, just like a weighing scale. When one acts, the other has to let go and conciliate, like a saw-see in the playground. Otherwise, both pit against each other. The self-confidence and vitality of the Sun may be impacted while it’s the drive and motivation of the Mars that gets depleted – whoever gives in to the other. The person giving in is likely to feel frustrated and resentment which overtime eats at his/her health. Cooperation can be difficult. Perhaps, the Sun can provide leadership and direction in the relationship while the Mars willingly executes the Sun’s orders. Just like the king and his soldiers.

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