A Good Luck Charm for Secret Affairs

I’m back to exploring the creation of good luck charms or talismans. Since it’s Friday, the day of Venus and the planetary hour of Venus started about 10 minutes ago, I was excited to start my rusty practice of creating a Venus charm which purportedly is great for things like love, friendship, happiness, enjoyment and the good stuff in life.

I was about to get my book and candle, etc when I thought I should look at the state of Venus on 12 March 2021, 8.13pm in Ireland. Wow! Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces. Great stuff. Hmmm, Venus is approaching Neptune, which I feel is a malefic in traditional astrology. And Venus is in combustion. Oh dear, a Venus charm erected when it is burned by the Sun is hardly effective is it?

But, I suppose such a charm is great for secret affairs as such love and guilty pleasures go undetected. Alas, I cast my eyes further. Venus sextiles Pluto eventually in about 7 degrees. True, 7 degrees is outside the orb for at least horary astrology, not elections for astrological magic, but I think Pluto being the planet of uncovering means that any delicious secret affairs attracted by such a charm will be very easily out-ed eventually.

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