Covid-19 vaccines or antibiotics administered through water taps in households?

The great conjunction is exact on 21 December, afternoon Irish time. It’s a planetary phenomenon where the two planets Jupiter and Saturn appear to be co-joined when viewed from Earth. The last time this phenomenon took place was in May 2000.

It is traditionally believed that babies that are born approximately within one month before or after the great conjunction are more likely than not destined to be financially well-off although this usually happens towards mid-life. Psychologically, such babies can be more prone towards cautious optimism, personal growth through hard work, patience and persistence, being judicious, engaging in tests of their faith, having an urge to structure and define one’s beliefs and ideals in life, amongst other considerations. The foregoing qualities are experienced in especially one distinct area of their life which may mean that they are a late bloomer in that aspect of their life. The slice of life impacted depends on the baby’s time and place of birth.

On a mundane level, the great conjunction heralds a new beginning in worldly affairs. The last great conjunction in May 2000 took place in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is the sign of the bull and symbolises various matters including financial ones especially the stock market and money exchanges, resources and productivity, peace and stability, what can be seen and is tangible, the physical human body especially the neck, agriculture and food, animals like cattle and oxen, and beauty. Not surprising, since around May 2000, some examples relating to these themes took place:

  • February 2020: Wary investors bring stock plunge; beginning of the end of the Internet stock boom
  • June 2020: Presidents of North and South Korea sign peace accord, and at least symbolically, end a half-century of antagonism
  • July 2020: the 2000-2001 Western US wildfires were a series of unusually severe wildfires that caused more than $2 billion (USD) in damage. Overall, 7 million acres burned across the United States.
  • August 2020: Marks & Spencer launches its “I’m normal” campaign, featuring a naked size-16 woman
  • October 2020: New Labour’s Human Rights Act comes into force
  • November 2020: Mad cow disease alarms Europe
  • February 2021: Working draft of the human genome published
  • March 20221: Dotcom bubble bursts as share prices tumble; companies such as and infospace go bankrupt
  • January 2022: The Euro is introduced into 12 countries within the Euro-zone, including France and Germany; Scientists begin to create tiny strands of genetic material, RNA, that promise to revolutionise medicine

Just like a seed doesn’t grow into a seedling immediately when planted, the great conjunction in May 2000 and December 2020 does not immediately manifest into external events in the actual month of the conjunction. Rather, the seeds are sowed and manifest over time. What might the conjunction in Aquarius bring?

Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer who is traditionally depicted as a person who kneels as he pours forth water in act of service. Water is cleansing – imagine water used in your shower and baths and indeed, used with soap to wash your hands while singing Happy Birthday or used in hand sanitizers. The free flowing water from the jug therefore seeks to cleanse, purify and illuminate so that recipients can be made new again. Perhaps, the great conjunction signal the start of being ‘cleansed’ from Covid-19.

In addition to the ideas above, Aquarius symbolises amongst many others: scientific discoveries, progressive ideas and ideals, logic and detachment, groups and reforms, freedom and individuality, mines and places that are involved in the extraction of minerals from the earth, anything or places that are high off the ground, skylines, aeronautic projects, the shins, ankles and all injuries and diseases affecting the legs, shins and ankles.

Putting the ingredients together, from Dec 2020 onwards, it could mean a new age/era relating to the aviation sector, more apartments in Ireland, more space journeys, an even more pronounced technological focus in daily lives, technological breakthroughs in alternate power sources, new and progressive ways of living, medical advancements involving the legs, and dare I say, Covid-19 vaccines or antibiotics administered through water taps in households.

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