Saturn Transits Through Houses

Using whole sign houses, when transiting Saturn is in Capricorn, it was in my 8th house. Here’s what ‘happened’ during this time:

  • my partner is a chef and the restaurant business is/was badly affected by Covid-19 in Ireland. He was furlouged. This fits into Saturn in turned 2nd house of my partner’s resources or just the (radical) 8th house of partner’s resources.
  • my sister went and still is going through extremely trying times at work due to Covid-19. This fits into Saturn in turned 6th house of work and employment (from the 3rd house of siblings) / radical 8th.
  • I went through a few major changes myself. The changes relate to endings which fits into the symbolism of the 8th house. For example, I stopped doing astrology reading for others (natal Saturn rules 9th house of philosophy, religion and astrology).
  • Unfortunately, I can’t reflect on how transiting Saturn is ‘influencing’ my parents as they are no longer with us.

Most interestingly, when transiting Saturn switches sign to Aquarius,

  • Saturn is transiting in turned 3rd house of learning and communication for my partner (radical 9th). He enrolled in college recently. He will have to upskill on his IT skills.
  • Saturn is transiting in turned 7th house of relationships for my sister. Hmmm, I haven’t talked to her recently. I wonder how this will manifest for her.
  • Saturn is transiting in 9th house of higher education for me. I enrolled in college recently too for a degree level in computing.

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