Should I Invest in Gold This Morning?

Should I invest in gold ETF this morning before work?

Answer: No.

  • ASC is too early. This is a premature decision/timing.
  • Venus, ASC and 2nd house ruler is approaching a square to Mars in its sign of fall. Mars rules the 7th and 8th – other investors and their monies.
  • Natural significator of gold is the Sun which is in the 12th house
  • Moon is in the 6th house, a cadent house.
  • Moon is stuck between Pluto and Saturn
  • Moon approaches Saturn via a sextile in its term – this is not strong enough. Final aspect is the very nice trine to Venus.

Conclusion: yes, it’s good to invest in gold for the long run possibly in 3 months time. But today or this morning is not the right time. I could buy today and suffer losses and ‘win’ eventually. But why do so?

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