Solar Return 2020

Key features

  • lots of fire – Leo ASC, Aries MC, Mars in Aries. Lots of independent action, drive, initiative especially when it comes to one’s future, career, and education/training/new experiences that prepare one for employment (9th cusp ruled by JU in 6th. Approaches this year with confidence, persistence, a touch of royalty.
  • SR Sun in 12th. a year of preparation that may involve hiddenness or secrets, spirituality, solitude. Has a relationship with finances too.
  • SR ASC in n.3rd. Another background theme for this year is thoughts and communication, studies and possibly siblings/relatives.
  • SR MC in n.11th. A career theme is friends, groups and hopes and dreams
  • Lots of cardinal energy – similar to natal chart. Unlike the natal chart where there’s an emphasis on Capricorn and Aries. Drive, action when it comes to one’s career and future direction. There’s ambition, structuring and planning when it comes to work, daily routine and health.
  • southern hemisphere emphasis – flip from natal chart. A year where I’m out there, interacting with groups of people, involved in world philosophies, new experiences perhaps even overseas trips!
  • emphasis on 6th, 9th and 11th houses. See above. There’s a focus on work, daily routines and health. These areas of life should be carefully and conservatively structured and disciplined. Positive, the 6th house is service to others.

Tightest aspects

  • MO(11th) ssq UR(10th), ssq ASC. 12th house of solitude, preparation frustrates one’s urge for radical change in one’s career/future direction and the self and his environment.
  • UR(10th) squ ASC. Urge for radical change, independence is colouring one’s reaction to the environment.
  • VE(11th) ses SA(6th). There’s initial frustration between home and family, and groups and friends, and work, health, relationships and other people’s resources before action is possible.

Grid between SR and natal chart

  • the start of a Mercury return.
  • no conjunctions (other than Mercury return) or oppositions
  • n.MC tri SR ME and ssq JU. Studying in the background/alone easily supports one’s career and future direction. Education, new experiences frustrates one’s career as well. Patience and waiting are required.
  • n.ASC sxt SR CH and SR ASC, same degree as SR Uranus. The self and the environment in the self is in encounter a chance for mentorship, counselling in knowledge/new experiences. There’s something fated about a radical change in one’s career or future direction or even one’s superiors.


  • t.Mars con SR MC. 3 August 5:10am, 20 Oct 5:44am, 9 Dec 1.53pm
  • t.Mars con SR ASC. 28 June 1.26pm.
  • t.SA con SR DES. 21 Mar 12.41pm
  • t.JU con SR DES. 2 Feb 8.14pm
  • t.SU con ASC. 2 Aug. 9.11am
  • t.SU con IC. 12 Oct 2am
  • t.SU con DES. 30 Jan 2021 4.27am
  • t.SU con MC. 8 Apr 2.13pm

Progressed Moon

  • p.MO con NN(11th) 21 Sep 2020 8.49am
  • p.MO con A.Vx(11th) 27 Oct 2020 3.40pm
  • p.MO con ME(12th) 10 June 2021 5.46am

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