Solar Return 2019

Key features

  • high emphasis on earth and fire as compared to natal – focus on ambition, leadership at work (10th), approaching this year (ASC), confidence, creativity at home and in self-expression (5th).
  • high fixed emphasis as compared to natal – doing more of the same things when it comes to friends and/or groups (11th), fun and pleasure (5th), home and family (4th).
  • emphasis on 4th, 10th and 12th houses – home, private life, career, future direction, social status, being alone, that which is hidden and in the background, intuition and the psychic.
  • Sun in 4th – conscious focus for this year relates to the home and family, perhaps due children, play and recreation, speculations (SU rules 5th). There’s value placed on home and family as that’s the focus for this solar year and the results of one taking independent actions. Almost like a dream, which can be hidden or in the background, come true when it comes to love and relationship (VE tri NE). There may be relating to family members. There’s thoughts or communications about home and family arising one’s personal resources and work/daily work routines (ME rules 2nd and 6th). There’s a new fated event relating to home and family, due to one’s hopes and wishes.
  • North node and Venus are angular on IC. See above.
  • South node, Saturn and Pluto are angular on MC. Realism, hard work and testing, building and consolidation in one’s career, due to one’s knowledge, superiors, social status, and friends with a connection to the past. The building and consolidation go well with how one begins things this year, how one approaches the world. Transformation via intense feelings about one’s social status, career, public self.
  • ASC and Saturn in the same degree by trine. See above.
  • IC, Venus and Neptune in the same degree, Moon quincunx Venus. See above.

Tightest aspects include:

  • Mecury sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Thoughts, communications and paperwork on home and family may be be frustrated by expansion of other people’s resources including banks before you can act. The paper may relate to one’s finances and work. [I challenged a bank’s requirement for certain paperwork when it comes to getting a mortgage].
  • Chiron semi-sextile Uranus – this is generational

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