Solar Return 2019 Grid

Dynamic aspects

  • n.ME(rules n.ASC and n.4th) square SR CH(12) – driven to act when it comes to healing the body, especially healing modalities with a spiritual dimension. Home plans are put on the back burner due to one’s spirituality beliefs.
  • n.JU con n.SA(rules 7th to 10th) ses SR MO(11th, rules 3rd and 4th) – there’s initial frustration before action when it comes to communicating private life to friends of changes to one’s committed relationship and social status.
  • n.MO(rules 2nd in 9th) square SR ASC – urged to act when it comes to money, having an impact on training and education.
  • n.MA(rules 6th and 11th) ssq SR ASC – work, people working for you, health practices might be initially frustrating before you/they act.
  • n.MC ssq SR PL(10th) – transformation of career is frustrated


  • SR ASC in n.12th – working in the background, hidden, preparatory phase
  • SR MC in n.8th – confirms the themes of regeneration of one’s career/future direction

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