Saturn – Mercury Transit (Square)

Transiting Saturn squared my natal Mercury in February, June and November of 2018.

This is a period of a facing up to reality, appraisal and restructuring or consolidation of communication and mental patterns. Hard work is involved, as is patience and time. It is also a period of reaping what you have sowed i.e. having to accept the consequence of your actions.

Using a transit grid,

  • causes: n.SA in 4th, n.ME in 2nd
  • action: t.SA in 7th
  • effect: n.SA rules 9th and 8th, n.ME rules 1st and 4th

Event(s) requiring consolidation, hard work, patience took place within significant one-to-one relationships. These events forced me to act when it comes to my thoughts about my personal resources – finances, self-esteem and talents (n.ME in 2nd). The events could be connected to me wanting to be secure and accomplished in home and family. The events impacted on my self and my reaction to the environment (1st), my home and private life (4th) and my relationship with astrology (9th) which went through a transformation possibly involving an ending and a new start too.

Reflection: in this instance, the 7th house represents my clientele in astrology. During 2018, the number of clients that I had indeed shrunk. It was very tough going and definitely affected my mental thoughts and attitudes toward my finances and my abilities. It wasn’t an easy time.

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