Jupiter and Relationships – Not Always a Happy Ending

I used to associate the planet Jupiter with an improvement in life. When someone has Jupiter moving in her/his house of relationships, I would think that there’s an improvement in that person’s relationships.

So, when a person is in a complicated relationship and Jupiter is visiting the person’s house of relationship, I imagine that the relationship ‘improves’ by being less complicated as a complicated relationship is the ‘baseline’. An improvement in such a relationship would mean a less complicated relationship and the 2 persons coming together.

However, it seems that an improvement in a complicated relationship might mean a separation even though it may not seem like an improvement at all.

The key ‘benefit’ of Jupiter is expansion and growth. If a relationship in its current state and form does not allow a person to expand and growth, Jupiter will simply change the life circumstance so that an expansion can occur. This may not be a joyful event at first sight and in the short-run. But Jupiter is a long-term planet with visions and possibilities of the future.

Perhaps, think long-term. If what had happened didn’t happen, how can there be improvements in the area of relationship?

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