Confessions of a Hay Fever Victim: I Feel Better after 10 mins of Meditation

These few days were truly horrid. My head feels like in a daze, I can’t think straight or properly. Because the weather in Ireland is amazing. That’s why. Hay fever. The bane of my life during summer in Ireland. Never mind the fact that my body only started to go into an overdrive to protect me from pollen, the stuff of summer happiness, when I was, what?, in my mid-30s.

The third day of my agony. I woke up with a groggy head, the unwillingness to get out of bed wrestling with my feeble will to get out of bed and sort out the pile of mess called life. I popped the drug called antihistamine into my mouth and flushed it down with a gulp of water, hoping that my life will magically turn happy again.

I was inspired to do yoga this morning, which I was avoiding for the past few days. Breathing was difficult initially but became better as I worked into various asanas. I actually enjoyed the tree pose today. Maybe, even when I physically feel like shite, I’m actually capable of doing something properly – standing on one leg. Golly. My ego feels good. I can actually stand on one leg!

I went for a walk then, steering clear of grass which forms the nature bed of countless Irish families during sunny days. I returned home and did 10 minutes of meditation. OMG. I must have attained some form of nirvana, even if it was half a second. I instantly felt better after 10 minutes of consciously doing nothing.

Hay fever do you have? Try meditation. It’s magic. You. Go.

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