Hexagram 46 Growing Upward

Hexagram 46 Pushing Upward
Hexagram 46 Pushing Upward

Let’s look at this picture. Wood under Earth.

Wood symbolises a seedling that is germinating in the soil (Earth). The quality of Wood is to penetrate through the receptive quality of Earth. This makes sense. If Earth is unyielding like Metal, a seedling wouldn’t be able to push through it and see the light of the world.

Earth is receptive, like the yin of the yin and yang, which reminds me of the Moon and the Sun. The Moon or Earth is like a mother, nurturing, giving and protective. So, the Earth is protective as it shields the seedling (Wood) from the winds, the obvious sight of insects which may diminish its chances of surviving. Equally, the Earth is nurturing of the seedling (Wood) as it contains nutrients for the latter. This picture could describe you being in a supportive environment that enables you to grow and develop.

Pushing through the soil requires energy. So does a human who walks, energy is required. But a seedling is like an infant who has discovered the use of his limbs and hasn’t mastered the act of walking yet. With practice, perhaps unconscious naïve faith, the crawling infant gradually but surely learns to walk. But an infant doesn’t question whether he should walk and doubt its ability to do so. Likewise, you may be in a phase in your life where it’s time to push or grow upward, like a crawling infant who ascends by standing on his feet and walk.

Surely one day the Wood will penetrate through the receptive Earth which will be seen by the World. With the support of receptive Earth, the Wood can grow upwards without hindrance, smoothly and successfully.

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