When Will I Get Pregnant?

A person asked “When will I get pregnant with my partner?”. I looked at the horary chart for 10-15 mins and couldn’t find signs of the pregnancy. But what struck me most is Mars is in peregrine and conjuncts the MC. William Lilly warns that my response will not be received favourably by the querent aka client.

I felt inspired to draw a tarot card to provide the person with an encouraging message. I drew Ace of swords from the Inner Child cards. The sword led me to think of her husband’s cock. I was thinking. Does his husband need to use withdrawal method or something like that? (oophs, that’s actually contraceptive method) Or is it the couple’s right to have a child eventually?

Then it occurred to me that if the sword is the cock, then the rock is the wife’s fanny or womb.

I declined to reply to the woman.

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