Emphasis on Element, Modality and Houses

When considering the general overview of a person’s natal chart, I was trained with the faculty of astrological studies to consider only the element and modality of the personal and social planets, and the ASC and MC.

I was reading Richard Idemon’s book The Magic Thread this morning again after many years. He actually considers the element and modality of the outer planets as well! He said something that kind of made sense to me. If say Neptune in Sagittarius is the only planet in a fire sign in the whole chart, Neptune becomes the point of focus where the person lives out his/her fire through that planet. It’s like Neptune is an outlet for the person. The house in which Neptune is located becomes the vampire lair, pulling in the house(s) (co-)ruled by Neptune, according to modern astrologers.

This kind of make sense to me. Let me see. I have 2 planets in fire – Venus in Leo and Neptune in Sagittarius. For all these years, I kept thinking that Venus is the singleton in fire. But that’s not entirely true as Neptune is clearly in fire although that’s descriptive of my entire generation. But it’s still in a fire sign nevertheless.

I don’t have any planets in earth other than Chiron in Taurus, which is the only asteroid that I work with. Indeed, this is definitely a key feature in my life. I am obsessed with Taurian matters – money, body and being practical and productive. In fact, I’m an accountant which is a quintessential Taurian career. I am very interested in the body too – through qigong, tai chi and yoga, which may be considered non-mainstream avenues towards a healthier body, perhaps excluding yoga which is rather commonplace nowadays. A lot of my decisions are focused on being practical, which may not necessarily make me happy. I also think that one of my greatest strength is teaching, which is descriptive of Chiron. In fact, I used to conduct training sessions for the new accountants/auditors in an accounting firm that I worked in.

I teach the piano as well. Of late, my teaching style or approach is wholly based on steps. Students have to master a step before they can move on to the next step.

What is interesting is that Chiron in Taurus is in my 12th house. So, my teaching or healing abilities may be hidden but they are there. I’m rather assured of my teaching ability (which may be more in part to do with Mercury square Saturn and Jupiter). Healing abilities – I’m not too sure although I have had astrological consultations with others where they have found me or my session with them healing.

Neptune in Sagittarius is the only planet where I have a mutable sign in. I suppose Neptune is another key feature of my life. Music, astrology which is considered spiritual by others. I’m also very intuitive accordingly to my good/best friend Maylin. Neptune is in my 7th house so I can heal others especially in a one-to-one setting. Maybe I should consider becoming a music therapist! I’m not sure whether I identify as being mutable. No. How do I respond to a low emphasis on the mutable energy? Do I deny it, repress it, project it (most probably), sublimate it or compensate for it? I think I’m starting to compensate for it nowadays although that can also be due to my progressed chart where Mercury, my chart ruler has finally moved into Virgo from Cancer.

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