Can I Make a Living from Gambling Using Astrology?

Hexagram 27 Nourishment, moving line 2 If you keep this up, it brings bad luck, transformed hexagram 41 The Reduction.

Wow. The original gua describes my question perfectly. Making a living = feed me and my family amongst other things. Gua 27 is about an image of the teeth between lips, signifying the mouth i.e. food. Moving line 2 is very stern, warning me of the bad luck if I decide to ‘leave my path to get nourishment from the hill’. The outcome of my question is gua 41 which is reduction or decrease.

The mutual gua of 27 is gua 2 which is the Earth. A mutual gua shows the hidden meaning of Nourishment and provides greater insight to my present situation. Wow. Gua 2 is a ‘yin’ or receptive gua which kinda describes my situation – I want an easy life i.e. to receive without doing much.

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