Checklist for Enhanced Elections

Based on Benjamin Dykes’s Astrological Magic

Focus on the 2 of the most important things in the chart: the ASC and its lord

Benefits and malefics, and their aspects

  • Are the benefics in ASC or aspecting the ASC and ASC lord?
  • Are the malefics in aversion to the ASC and its lord? If not, are they in a sextile or trine to ASC and its lord?
  • Is the ASC Lord aspecting the ASC?


  • Is the ASC lord in its own sign or exaltation?
  • Is a planet in detriment or fall in the ASC?
  • Are the malefics in their own signs or exaltation?
  • Are the benefics in their detriments or falls? Avoid this

Is the ASC lord in direct motion?

Is the ASC lord in the Sun’s rays? Avoid placing the ASC lord within 15 degrees on either side of the Sun unless you require secrecy AND ASC lord is dignified.

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