Which Exercise is Best for Me?

It’s time for me to focus on my health. I was set on running as I loved running and did a half-marathon previously and loved it. I stopped running as my knees, particularly the left one didn’t feel right. I wondered whether it was the shoes that I got as I went cheapskate and bought a cheaper make that I usually did in the past. Before investing another €180 on Asics Nimbus, I thought why not ask the cards?

My exercise options are: running, walking, yoga and qigong. Knowing that the cards can be cryptic, I asked for clear message and guidance. Here’s the cards (I drew a second set after the one for further insight):

  • Running: Knight of Disks, Lust
  • Walking: Strength, Power
  • Yoga: Oppression, Queen of Disks
  • Qigong: Art, The Sun

I didn’t like the card for Yoga. Strength was loud and clear. I wanted to build up my strength. I felt weak and lack of energy recently. Knight of Disk looks okay – sturdy and fit and solid. Art looks great – a synthesis of body and mind, spirit and soul.

The second set of cards confirmed my exercise options – avoid yoga. For now, stick with walking and qigong. I might go back to running after I’m fit again.

Incidentally, a card flew out when I was shuffling. 5 of Swords – Defeat. Hmmm, I don’t like this card.

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