The Rainbow Spread

I decided to try one of the recommended spreads with the Inner Child cards. Here’s the cards. I consciously state that cards 1 to 3 which represent the past is for the past one month i.e. October while cards 5 to 7 represent the upcoming month i.e. November.

  • Card 1 – past physical development: child of crystal
  • Card 2 – past emotional development: five of swords
  • Card 3 – past mental development: Seeker of swords
  • Card 4 – Synthesis of the past physical, emotional and mental development: ace of swords
  • Card 5 – future mental: ace of hearts
  • Card 6 – future emotional: guide of hearts
  • Card 7 – future physical: four of hearts

All the cards look fine to me except card 7 where there’s a mermaid who’s crying as her heart pendant is broken into half and presumably the boat that she’s on has capsized and she’s going down with the rest of the boat soon. The broken heart makes me think of my heart condition. Will I have heart problems next month? I haven’t been feeling the best lately. My GP previously wrote a letter for me to have a ECG scan but I didn’t go for it eventually as I felt fine. With my high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle and bad diet, maybe I’m headed for some heart problems? This is a wakeup call for me.

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