Magical Unicorn Oracle Deck

I was doing online shopping for oracle decks today. I came upon the magical unicorn deck again. Frankly it doesn’t appeal to me. However, it’s on a sale. Should I get it?

I asked 2 questions. 1 – Should I get it? 2 – Is there a reason why I would get it?

  1. The card was “Consult an Expert”. I did a quick search for reviews. The consensus is that this deck is great for children
  2. The card was “Explore your options”. What drew my attention was actually the child in the card. And that was before I did the google search for review above.

I asked “Is there a demand for readings for children?” The card was “Treasure Chest”. Oh wow, it’s something that isn’t tapped into yet.

Unconvinced with the overly positive answers I was getting, I drew cards from Osho Zen and asked the same question above. The first card was Supression. Hmmm, this isn’t great. Being trapped. My first thought was: is it me that’s trapped if I were to provide this service because of the sensitivity of it all. I drew another 2 cards. It says “Success” and “Abundance”.


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