Key Message for this Relationship

I asked what’s the key message for this relationship. It says “Helpful Person”. However, my eyes were drawn to the 3 mermaids. A thought sneaked into my head. A 3rd party. I pushed that aside.

I set up a horary chart and read that. 7th is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is angular and in its sign. I said that his ex is trustworthy and honest.

Later on during the consultation, the client asked if her ex-boyfriend had an affair with someone.

I recalled the horary chart and what intuition initially said about the card.

The client asked when did that happen. Believe it or not. The last separated aspect from Jupiter was Jupiter trine Neptune in radical 11th or turned 5th house of sex.

The client asked how many times did it happen. I looked at the number of times Jupiter trined Neptune – twice.

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